financial controller

Certified Financial Controller

Level 7 | Online Learning | Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance | Endorsed by Quality Licence Scheme

On successful completion of this course you will receive a certificate from Brentwood Open Learning College and be eligible for the IFC Certified Financial Controller - CertFC - certificate on the payment of a fee.

This online Diploma in Accounting and Finance level 7 training program, consisting of 17 online modules.

This course for self-paced home study, with no deadlines or time restrictions imposed. Enjoy the freedom to complete each module at your preferred pace.

Key topics and knowledge areas covered include accounting concepts and standards, the use of journals and subsidiary books, bookkeeping and payroll, profit and loss accounts, financial planning, investment methods, working capital management and more.

The Course Syllabus

Course content is distributed over a series of 17 modules.

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • The Role of an Accountant  
  • Accounting Concepts and Standards 
  • Journals and Subsidiary Books  
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Payroll Accounting Terminology   
  • Profit And Loss Accounts  
  • Balance Sheet  
  • Cash Flow Statements 
  • Variance Analysis 
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Management 
  • Management of Working Capital   
  • Financial Planning, Budgeting and Control
  • Investment Methods
  • End of Period Procedures 
  • Auditing