Certified Membership

Certified Membership - Certified Financial Consultant ®

How to apply for Certified Membership

The Certified Financial Consultant® (CFC) designation is the premier designation of the Institute of Financial Consultants®. CFC certification is attained by meeting the eligibility of both education and professional experience.

IFC membership is open to professionals working in the accounting/financial field with a minimum of three years experience in the financial profession or those who have successfully completed the Certified Financial Consultant® - CFC - program.

Download an Application

Download and complete the application form. Once completed the application form can be returned to our administrative office by email, FAX or mail, whichever is the most convenient for you. Please remember enclose details of your professional and educational qualifications.

Membership Fees
  • Certification fee for CFC is $480.00.
  • Associate Membership fee is $280.00.
  • Fellowship fee is $410.00.
  • Annual Dues are $70.00.

Please see our fee structure to pay your fees online.

Designatory Letters

Use of the designatory letters –  Certified Financial Consultant® - CFC. These designatory letters may only be used by members whose membership is in good standing.


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