about IFC

About the Institute

Institute of Financial Consultants ® is a professional body for those who work in the financial profession. Our members are employed in all sectors of the economy and make a significant contribution to the efficiency of any business. IFC offers an educational program leading to the designation of a Certified Financial Consultant ® (CFC) issued to qualified graduates. The Institute has a growing global presence.

The Institute is multidisciplinary, drawing its members from the related but separate fields of accountancy, insurance, law, funds management, tax and pensions. The Institute is forging a "new" profession that adopts the best features from these related professions and encourages the development of members' qualifications as financial consultants on the basis of their current professional qualifications.

Financial consultants provide advice to clients in a wide variety of situations from the financial planner advising individual clients on investments to those working as corporate financial officer, portfolio manager, security analyst and investment banker in organizations as diverse as brokerage firms, mutual funds, banks, trust companies, corporate finance departments, insurance companies and other financial management firms.

IFC aims to ensure its members provide competent, ethical and objective financial advice. This is to the advantage of clients and employers, the profession and individual members of the Institute.

IFC membership is open to professionals working in the financial field with a minimum of three years experience in the financial profession.