Certified Financial Consultant in Islamic Finance (CFCIF)

The Diploma in Islamic Banking must be successfuly completed in order to qualify for the Certifed Financial Consultant in Islamic Finance Designation - CFCIF.


This program is delivered by our approved learning centre - Brentwood Open Learning College. BOLC is one of the UK's leading online and distance learning platforms specialising in online learning and Open College courses.


Course Overview

Diploma in Islamic Banking,explores the structure of the Islamic banking and finance, industry, its products, services, theoretical foundations, performances, Islamic financial instruments and risk assessment issues involved in Islamic Finance. Diploma in Islamic Banking, gives you a good starting point for your exceptional career in this lucrative field.

Islamic Banking Course, will help you develop confidence in the use of the contracts that underpin Islamic finance, You will learn the terminology that makes Islamic banking different from conventional banking. Islamic Banking Course, is a distance learning programme s that allow you to progress at your own pace. Your progress will be monitored through regular assessment . Professional support and guidance is available throughout the course.



There are 14 key topics:

  • Introduction to Islamic Banking & Finance
  • History of Islamic Banking and Finance
  • The Philosophy of Islamic Finance
  • The Islamic Banking Model
  • The Islamic Economic System
  • Islamic Law of contract & Business Transactions
  • Islamic Finance Products and Procedures
  • Murabaha and Musawamah
  • Salam and Istisna
  • Ijarah Leasing
  • Takaful
  • Loan & Debt in Islamic Banking
  • Islamic Business Ethics
  • Globalization of Islamic Banking


Course Benefits

  • Accredited Course
  • Full Tutor Support
  • Self Paced, No Fixed Schedules
  • Available to Students anywhere in the World
  • Interest Free Fee Instalments

IFC members can study with confidence with our approved learning centre. BOLC provide a platform where you can enhance your potential by getting all the necessary skills, training and education that you need for your successful career.



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