Online Courses

IFC online courses are conducted by our program partner, Brentwood Online Learning College (BOLC).You set your own schedule to complete the course and gain full support from professional tutors.


The advantages of studying with Brentwood Open Learning College include:


  • No deadlines or time restrictions
  • Study in your own time and at your own pace
  • Your course works around your schedule and lifestyle
  • No travel costs or commutes necessary
  • Full tutor support throughout your studies
  • All course materials included as standard
  • Fully-accredited and recognised courses


Study Materials


After you enrol on the course you are given online access to the course materials through our learning management system which you can print as well. The material will also be sent to you in your email by your tutor.


BOLC Course Accreditation

NCFE accreditation provides verification of course quality, confirming that all course content has met the exacting standards of the UK leading Awarding Organisation.





Certified Financial MANAGER (CFM)

This excellent online accounting certificate provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of accountancy and finance in respect to the creation and management of a modern business. Along with being introduced to the history and theoretical outline of accountancy�s role, candidates learn the three key cornerstones of business accountancy - cash flow statements, income statements and balance sheets.

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Certified Financial Risk Management Consultant designation (CFRMC)

The Diploma in Risk Management must be successfuly completed in order to qualify for the Certifed Financial Risk Management Consultant ® Designation - CFRMC. Risk Management Certification Online has been designed to provide learners with a solid understanding of business risk and explains the strategies for managing risk efficiently.Enterprise Risk Management courses, focus primarily on operational, project and reputation risk management.

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Certified Professional Financial Accountant (CertPFA) certification

The Diploma in Accounting and Finance must be successfully completed in order to qualify for the Certified Professional Financial Accountant Designation - CertPFA. Diploma in Accounting and Finance, has been specially developed for students with little or no previous knowledge in this field . Those who wish to study accounting for a career change or to further their studies in this highly demanding field. Hence this Online Accounting Course,gives you a good starting point for your exceptional career In the accounting field.

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Certified Financial Consultant in Islamic Finance (CFCIF)

The Diploma in Islamic Banking must be successfuly completed in order to qualify for the Certifed Financial Consultant in Islamic Finance Designation - CFCIF. The Diploma in Islamic Banking explores the structure of the Islamic banking and finance, industry, its products, services, theoretical foundations, performances, Islamic financial instruments and risk assessment issues involved in Islamic Finance.

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Certified Merger and Acquisition Specialist (CMAS)

The Certified Merger and Acquisition Specialist ("CMAS") is a designation for professionals who participate in merger and acquisition transactions.

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