IFC Member - MIFC


How to apply for the Membership designation

This is an individual regular membership. This membership is open to applicants who have completed the education program and are waiting to complete the experience requirement and are working towards CFC® (Certified Financial Consultant) designation.


This category of membership is also open to anyone who has an interest in financial consultancy but do not want to proceed to Certified Financial Consultant - CFC - designation at this particular time.


Designatory Letters

Use of the Membership designatory letters MIFC These designatory letters may only be used by members whose membership is in good standing.


Complete your Application

Download and complete the application form.Once completed the application form can be returned to our administrative office by email, FAX or mail, whichever is the most convenient for you. Please remember enclose details of your professional and educational qualifications.


Membership Fees

The fee for membership certificate is USD150.00.

See Fee Structure


Those interested in this category need to send the completed application form by e-mail to info@ifconsultants.org or by FAX to 604 687 1221.