CFC ® designation

The Certified Financial Consultant® (CFC) designation is offered 100% online and is designed for high achieving individuals who want to take the next major step along their career path within a vast range of key financial areas.


Choosing membership to a professional body can be a big step forward in your career and public standing. The Institute of Financial Consultants offer three membership grades for you to choose from.

Why become certified

The advantages of certification for higher visibility, opportunities, and jobs. Certification can lead to better visibility, opportunities, and jobs. In today's increasingly complex and highly-specialized economy, credentials are so important.

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The Certified Financial Consultant® (CFC) designation is the premier designation of the Institute of Financial Consultants®. CFC certification is attained by meeting the eligibility of both education and professional experience.

Our members are employed in all sectors of the economy and make a significant contribution to the efficiency of any business.

Membership requirements

IFC membership is open to professionals working in the accounting/financial field with a minimum of three years experience in the financial profession or those who have successfully completed the Certified Financial Consultant® - CFC - program.

Certificate Courses

All IFC certificate courses are 100% online and accredited by the QLS.


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